February 1, 2012 at 5:38 pm

2011 in Retrospect

So what happened in 2011?  It’s like when you get home from school and your mom asks what happened that day.  You’re like, “Nothing.”  She’s like, “A whole day and nothing happened?  Something must have happened.”  You’re like, “Nope, not really… oh, wait, there was that… no, never mind.”  A year is kind of like that too: it feels like things are happening when you’re there, but from the other side of New Year’s it’s all a blur, and you’re just glad it’s over now.  The Procrastinators think it’s time to look back on the year that was.
When the year began, Bags Brokaw was the headmaster of GSA, just filling the interim following Mr. Greene’s departure.  The latter half of the year saw Paul Perkinson’s first semester as Head.  This transition, from the checkered shirts and ties of Bags to the sweaters and suits of Mr. Perkinson, has been relatively straightforward and unobtrusive as far as the student body is concerned.  From our perspective, the biggest change is that a different guy talks at assemblies now.  Sometimes he relates things to “glaciers”.  Interestingly, it seems Mr. Perkinson has discovered the secret to student popularity: personally announce snow days (or imply the probability of them) all the time.
A lot of extra-curricular activities excelled in ‘11.  The Jazz Band won in its division at the State Jazz Fest, and Top Combo got third place at the Berklee Music Festival.  Both the boys’ and girls’ tennis teams won the Eastern Maine Championships.  At Drama Fest, GSA Theater came fourth in the state with a student-written play by Martin Conte.  And the Math Team came fourth at the State Math Meet.  And Courtney Koos and Tess Lameyer won the GSA-hosted Becton Cup (the Maine Maritime Academy Women’s Double-handed regatta).  And the track team had a good year too.
While in 2010 GSA filled a canoe with 1,484 cans of cranberry sauce, packets of ramen noodles, and bags of weird-shaped pasta, in 2011 we overflowed two canoes with nearly 3,900 food items (not to mention all the turkeys donated by Jack Hand.)
Ms. Richards and Mr. Stearns took fifteen kids deep into Africa to hike, help people, and pet the nice lions.  Only six of them came back alive.
For the second semester last year, Mr. Kaz was on sabbatical, and his place was filled by Mr. Moore, who is now the Study Hall Commander in Chief.
And Abe cut his hair!
So, those are some things that happened, but really the coolest thing that happened was, of course, a little paper called the Procrastinator was born.  In May, some crazy kids got together and made a school newspaper, which has somehow stuck around for 9 issues.  Hopefully it will live on into 2012 and for years to come.  And speaking of 2012, it’s gonna be awesome!  It’s the year of the dragon!  I just hope the world doesn’t end too soon, because that new Batman movie looks really good.
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