May 17, 2012 at 11:45 pm

Great Matters of Grey Matter-14


  • From 1900 to 1920, Tug of War was a sport at the summer Olympics.
  • All roads lead to philosophy on Wikipedia: starting on most any page in the online encyclopedia and clicking the first link on the page that is not in italics and is outside of parentheses (and doing the same on subsequent pages) will eventually bring you to Wikipedia’s article on philosophy.
  • As most people know, the Purple Heart is awarded to American soldiers killed or wounded while serving in the US military. What’s surprising is that we haven’t run through the awards manufactured to be used in WWII yet. That is because the military made 500,000 of them in preparation for the Allied Invasion of Japan. The invasion was expected to have a high death toll and instance of injury, but was rendered unnecessary when Japan surrendered after it was twice on the receiving end of the United States’ newly invented atomic bomb.
  • There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but I wouldn’t plan on using it in your next English essay: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” Can you figure out what it means?
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