May 17, 2012 at 9:06 pm

A Battle of Wills

“AP U.S History is more political than Fun with Politics,” commented a student in Mr. Case’s 1B APUSH class.  Yes, there’s nothing like starting off every B day with an epic battle of right versus left.  Mr. Case, face in palm, helplessly looks on as various students pontificate about America.  Will Ludlow, who maintains that the course needs more about war, can usually be counted on to wage his own personal war with Mr. Case.  William Case against Will Ludlow, and once Will Navarre gets involved there’s truly a battle of Wills.  And  Steven Salois is always ready to argue a point, no matter how trivial.  Will, batting for the left, and Steven, batting for the right, both are actually very smart and very good at articulating their strong opinions.  As the rest of the class fidgets awkwardly, Will and Steven heatedly debate such topics as Communism, Vietnam, the economy, foreign policy, where exactly Normandy is located in France, and the power of the federal government.  It’s like having our own versions of Jefferson and Hamilton.
And when we’re not discussing politics, we’re probably discussing Crispus Attucks, who, as everyone knows, is the inventor of America.  His picture hangs outside Mr. Case’s door.  He was watching over us as we took the AP exam last Friday.  All political parties, all people everywhere in this world, even the Wills and Stevens, can at least agree on Crispus Attucks.  It’s a 1B thing.
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