May 17, 2012 at 1:18 pm

A High School… Musical?


One has to ask, if GSA had a show choir, would our cafeteria dramatically fade into a giant sea of waving hands and choreographed kick lines?

Probably not, but it is interesting to know that there are high schools out there that do put on performances, and they are 100% real.

March 30 and 31 marked the “Maine State Vocal Jazz Festival” which was held in Ellsworth High School’s very own gym.  Ten schools performed Saturday where judge and audience alike were blown away by the outstanding work of all participants and directors.

Ellsworth students were crowned District One Champs for their “20 Year Retrospective,” an assortment of songs including “It’s Delovely” (a tune some might recognize from Anything Goes), “Summertime,” “Les Miserables,” and the renowned “Thriller.”

The title of District Two Champs went to none other than Mount Desert Island for their excerpts from “The Lion King,” certainly a crowd pleaser for our generation.

“I would say show choir is definitely an 8 or a 9 in my book,” Tyler Beardsley of Ellsworth proudly proclaims.  Although show choir was relaxing and enjoyable to watch, it’s astounding to know how much work went into the performance.  Rehearsals are scheduled two hours a day, twice a week throughout the school year.

“This year was actually pretty tough as the show is very physically challenging and can be very tiring,” Beardsley reflects when asked about the choreography.  To go from a light hearted tune to a Zombie fest is surely a challenge, but it was successfully pulled off without breaking a sweat.

Rehearsals over on the Island were just as demanding.  “We ran our choreography so intensely, and so many times, I was sore for days” claims Meghan McDunnah of MDI.  As work intensive as Show Choir may be, there are large advantages to joining up, “As a freshman, I was really afraid of making a bad impression with the older students.  Show Choir really brought me out of my shell.”

“The most important thing about choreography is that you are together as a group,” Beardsley makes a great point as we bring the interview to a close.  We should all recognize the importance of teamwork, whether we’re finishing a school project or preparing for a lip dub…


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