June 6, 2012 at 11:58 pm

An End to NHS


That’s right, GSA’s National Honors Society is no more.  Those of you who dismissed it as a namby-pamby exclusive club, guess what?  You were right!

NHS is meant to be a positive force in the community. Yet today there are so many new ways to exhibit all the traits synonymous with the NHS. Groups like Community Action and Student Council have replaced NHS as ways for students to create change.  GSA has lots of ways to recognize student success besides NHS.  NHS has ceased to be relevant.  In addition, it has become increasingly difficult to be accepted into NHS.  The national requirements change frequently, and good grades are not enough to guarantee acceptance.  Students’ characters are judged arbitrarily, and many applicants are denied for silly reasons.  Last year, less than half the NHS applicants were accepted.  For these reasons, the faculty has decided to end the program.  In its place they plan to establish a different way to recognize students for their academic success, and not on the “quality” of their character or the number of extra-curriculars they do.

GSA’s final NHS inductees and next year’s members, minus seniors Makaela (top left) and Ben (seated right of the kid in the tie).

The juniors inducted to NHS last fall are the final round of members.  There will be no new inductees, and, because the group is so small, no official NHS elected positions.  Next year the group plans to be creative with their community work, rather than just picking up trash.  Brace yourselves for some fabulous community action.

If you want more information, contact GSA.

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