May 9, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Blue Hill Dunkin’ Donuts Causes Dispute


D&D looms over the bay. Photoshopped by Willem Hilliard.

The new Dunkin’ Donuts at the top of Tenney Hill is almost finished.  Driving down South Street, one can almost taste the chocolate glaze.  GSA students will soon have close and easy access to a vast array of comestibles hitherto unknown within the virgin borders of Blue Hill, Maine.  While the lurid pink and orange of Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t quite have same stigma as, say, the golden arches, there are mixed feelings surrounding this new development.

Of those students we surveyed, most were stoked about Dunkin’ Donuts.  Abby Ford told The Procrastinator, “I want it.  Everyone’s gonna go there.” Others, however, were “right pissed.” Ms. Lehto, while perhaps not falling into the latter category, gave a defeated “Eh…” when asked for her opinion.

Some feel that Dunkin’ Donuts will hurt local businesses in Blue Hill, like The De-Li or Black Dinah Chocolatiers.  Other fears include noise pollution, traffic problems, incongruous architecture, and unhealthy eating habits.  There has been much talk of Blue Hill’s South Street turning slowly into Ellsworth’s High Street.  Is Dunkin’ Donuts a black sprinkle of American commercialism on the intangible integrity of Blue Hill?

On the other hand, the outlet will provide jobs for the town, and presumably jobs for GSA students.  As French teacher Joelle McFarland said, “It will serve those who don’t have the luxury to go to our coffee boutiques in town.”  Joelle, who was hesitant about the development at first, expressed this reminder: “Let’s not judge the food choices of others.”  After all, she said, “Donuts are an All-American fare.”  C’est vrai, and I think everyone can agree that an iced coffee or a bagel now and then would be a welcome prospect.  One student maintained his opposition to Dunkin’ Donuts, but conceded, “Now, if it were a Starbucks, I’d be down with that.”

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