October 3, 2012 at 12:51 am

Chinese Club


Calligraphy by Brian Bain.

There is something new in GSA this semester. Students, teachers and even people in our community can experience an almost totally different culture, because we have a Chinese Club at GSA now.  I’m Mary, the president of the Chinese Club.  Our club will introduce you to the real China, including its language, history, art, and culture. China has a brilliant five-thousand-year history, during which an enormous amount of cultures bloomed and thrived.  We will share easy yet useful language, Chinese music, poetry, calligraphy, and some traditional games.

Today there’s a lot of cooperation between China and the western world, but even though many people go to China for business and pleasure, they don’t really understand this different culture. In the first few days I was at GSA, a local student asked me if everything in China is dirty and chaotic.  I was really sad to hear that because even though there are so many Chinese students in GSA, the local students know nearly nothing about China.  This realization made me and my co-presidents, Herbert and Brian, decide to found a Chinese Club and share the things we think are interesting and may be useful in the future with you. If you are interested, join us. We are waiting for you.
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