April 13, 2012 at 1:38 am

Class Crasher Cole


Nate Cole was kicked out of Chem class on Monday for flicking pennies at Gavin, but it didn’t really matter.  He just went back to study hall.

Nate has two boring fourth period study halls.  As it is rare for students to do their homework the day it is assigned, fourth period study halls are often ill-used.  Seniors typically take off on senior release.  Nate, a junior, has been sitting in on fourth period classes rather than derping around in a mindless study hall.

He started a couple of weeks ago in 4B Honors French, a class full of juniors.  He’s a Spanish student himself, but he’s been enjoying learning french subjunctive verbs.  Other students have accused Nate of using 4B classes to play Starcraft, because video games aren’t allowed in study hall, but Nate says it’s only half the reason.  He says that listening to 4B Chemistry lectures has helped him to better understand concepts he’d been struggling with in his own class, and he attributes his improving grades to his extra time spent absorbing the material.  Madame Orlofsky and Ms. Galeski have both been pretty cool with it, as long as Nate doesn’t cause trouble.

He says he’d like to sit in on 4B AP English Lit someday, but he’s worried that it would be awkward.

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