November 2, 2012 at 7:27 pm

Costumes Rock at the Halloween Dance


At first glance, the Halloween dance looked exactly like Homecoming: strobe lighting, ear-ringing dubstep, and sweaty teenagers. The difference was everyone was in costume. Even those that didn’t seem to be wearing one came up with a good enough excuse to get in for five dollars. Classic creatures like zombies, vampires, skeletons, and aliens patrolled the dance floor, along with a surprising number of pirates and prisoners. A giant banana, the TARDIS, John Lennon and Forties Girl were among the others spotted. The most popular costume of the night would have been the red spandex body suits that were worn by probably a third of the guys there. I’m not quite sure what they were supposed to be. Superheroes? Olympic skaters? Gymnasts? Some of the lamer costumes included shirts with stuff like “Y.O.L.O.” written on them. I guess anything works.

The Halloween aspect of the dance brought a whole lot of energy to it. Though there were spiderwebs and a few light-up creature signs, decorations weren’t even needed. Glitter stuck to people and all surfaces like magnets, glow stick chemicals dotted the floor and people’s shirts. People were “Gangnam Styling” everywhere.

“I like the glitter,” one person said. “I’m covered in the sweat of a million children” said another, positively. When asked, some just gave thumbs up or screamed something inaudible over the music. There were few that had anything bad to say about it. Overall, the Halloween dance was a hit.

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