October 18, 2012 at 2:19 am



On October 9th, our GSA Eagle Girls Soccer Team faced the Ellsworth Eagle Girls in an exciting showdown!  The game started at 6PM sharp and all the Eagles started off strong.  They took the ball down the field and quickly penetrated the Eagles’ defense getting a quick shot off.  Luckily for the Eagles, their goalie, number 17, was there in time to stop the shot from going in.  With a mighty kick the Eagles goalie sent the ball soaring through the air.  By using her expert skill, the Eagles mid-fielder, number 16, got the ball and was off; dribbling through the Eagles defense like it was Swiss cheese until she was stopped by a slide tackle from the Eagles stopper.  Passing the ball up the field, the Eagles stopper started another fantastic run for her team.  This play continued for most of the first half. Neither team quite got the edge on their opponents until the clock read 10 minuets left in the first half.  The Eagles got the ball on a break away run.  The left wing, number 67, dribbled the ball down the field and gave a beautiful cross pass to the middle striker, number 85.  Suddenly, number 85 took the ball and shot the ball straight in the corner.  Even with her amazing skills, the Eagles goalie, number 104, was unable to stop the magnificent shot.  That goal broke it open for the Eagles.  At the end of the halfway mark, the Eagles were leading the Eagles, 3 to 0.  But the Eagles weren’t done yet!  With hearts as cold as my hands, the Eagles came out strong in the second half and scored the last goal of the game.  But instead of turning over and letting the Eagles score 5 more goals, the Eagles stood strong and held their ground.  Despite the Eagles valiant defense, their offense couldn’t get started.  At the end of the game the score stood 4 to 0 in favor of the Eagles.  The scorers for the Eagles were numbers 85, 308, and 176253849573 with two goals.  The Eagles goalie had 76 saves, opposed to the Eagles goalie who had 68 saves.  (We lost).

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