October 28, 2011 at 12:42 am

Everett’s Expedition


There are some students, including GSA junior Everett Fiske, for whom traditional education just doesn’t cut it. Instead of spending second semester bogged down in the monotony of everyday class, Everett is going to be on an epic six hundred-mile journey from Marlow, New Hampshire to northern Vermont, and then back. This monumental task can be accomplished only with the strong support and leadership that his fellow students will learn to provide an integral parts of the Kroka mission.  The expedition, which consists of 10-12 students from across the country, first learns the basics of survival, self reliance, and group dependence; then they take the plunge into the wilderness.  “We start by building and tending the sense of community within the group…and class communities that are strengthened by the outdoor elements carry that connection back into indoor classroom’’ (quote from Kroka website).

This odyssey will not start right away: students will spend an upwards of a month packing supplies, harvesting food, and forging the tools necessary for their journey.  In February they will set off into the wild wood of New Hampshire donning skis and backpacks.  The students will travel an average of 15-20 miles each day across deep woods and steep slopes, resting each night cuddled around a small wood stove situated in the center of their communal canvas tent.  Along the way, students fulfill academic credits by learning from the immense natural classroom that surrounds them.  After about one month on the trail, students will reach their new home in northern Vermont.  There the group changes its focus to studies while they await the great spring melt.  Students will begin to build the vehicle that will transport them back, three hundred miles, to the place where they began.  Together, students will labor to build from harvested trees a large wooden canoe, which will carry them down the fierce Connecticut River.

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