December 20, 2011 at 1:40 pm

From Perkinson


Dear Editors of the Procrastinator,

I have been meaning to write you a letter for a while as I have enjoyed reading your newspaper  but I just have not gotten around to putting pen to paper…wait, hold it…now why would I type something like that?  Does not that seem odd to you that I would  use a 19th century way of writing  while using 21st century technology.  It is always interesting to me how language endures when practice erodes or even evaporates altogether. That happens a lot in life I think.  Take a duckbill platypus for instance….

Anyway, I was writing you a letter a while back and I did not finish it because I was not sure exactly what to say, and worse, I was not clear in my own head as to state it.  Oddly, this has happened more than twice, perhaps four times (is that forice?), that I have determined to respond to something in your newspaper and have not quite finished the letter.  I write now to finish that very letter.

I wanted to comment on how much I like the title of your paper.  For reasons that are not clear, the name deeply resonates with me.  That’s all I wanted to say.

Ironically, the delivery of the newspaper (and I am seeking a subscription and I will get that to you as soon as I possibly can but I have a whole bunch of other things I need to finish first…I am a very busy and involved person, after all) comes both as a success and failure of any procrastinator.  You succeed in overcoming your inability to get things done and yet you fail in being a practiced, proud, and proven procrastinator.

-Paul B Perkinson

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