February 1, 2012 at 1:41 pm

From Silence Dogood


February 1, 2012

Dear Procrastinator Editors,

As local president of Citizens Against Rogue Glaciers (CARG) I am writing to express my deep concern that a GSA student was hit by a glacier as reported in your newspaper’s last issue.

I am further concerned both for the student’s family, for your school, and for your newspaper, which seemed to downplay the danger of rogue glaciers (RGs).  I use the word “downplay,” because there was no in-depth report of the incident, making it seem like the editors dismiss the student’s injuries as just another unfortunate event in difficult times.

Some people are sleepwalking through life when it comes to rogue glaciers.  They are a real concern!  I remember in the winter of ’59 when a RG barreled through Blue Hill and took out an entire flock of geese and our newest yellow bus.  By a stoke of luck, no one was in the bus, as it had broken down, and the driver had walked back to town for help.

Rogue Glaciers have been plaguing humankind since the last Ice Age.  We have made the mistake, and it is a serious one indeed, of expecting that rogue glaciers are just part of the winter landscape and we must simply endure their adverse effects.  We do not have to continue to live in fear of these dangerous glaciations (DGs).  We can stop it…we can stop it now.  That is what CARG is all about.

I hope you will encourage your readers to take a strong stand against rogue glaciers.  Encourage them to support state and national legislation for public warning systems to announce rogue glaciers.  Have them report dangerous glaciers that may go rogue (DGGR).  Support philanthropically scientific research that would allow us to better understand, and thus predict, future rogue glacial incidents (FRGIs).  Write articles about the hidden tragedies of rogue glacial splintering (RGS).

If we all band together, we can stop rogue glaciers.


Silence Dogood

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