June 12, 2013 at 7:02 pm

From the Editor


Every evening for four months my dad made the same old jibe at the dinner table: “So, when’s the paper coming out?” I would tell him for the millionth time that there was no paper, that I was a busy sophomore, that my friends and I would get around to it eventually. I’m glad we did. Chronicling the life and times of GSA has been my utmost pleasure.

Journalism is dying out in the world. Print media is dying out. Keep the flame alive, readers. Don’t kindle. Buy newspapers. Recycle. Read and write. It’s IMPORTANT. I don’t know if this is truly the Lastinator or not, but the paper will be very different in the future. And that’s okay. I leave it in the capable hands of my favorite underclassmen and my little sister, whom I know have the sense of humor and independent spirit that are necessary for constructive procrastination. Treat them well, GSA.

The Procrastinator is not just about silly journalism. It’s about engaging with your school. If you want to prevent school from being a drag you have to put a piece of your soul into it. You have to love your friends and love your teachers and make a lot of jokes and not let Trigonometry get you down. Let me be radical and suggest that homework is secondary– it’s what you do while you procrastinate on it that matters. Don’t let it be Tetris. Make something good with your procrastination.

Lucy Jakub
Editor in Chief 2011-2013


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