December 14, 2012 at 1:25 am

Halo 4


Brandon Pizzuto, late at night, with Halo 4

November 6, 2012, was an important day for America.  It was the day Halo 4 was released. Now, I’m not a gamer myself — I’ve never taken an arrow to the knee, I’ve never crafted any mines, and I’ve never first-person shot anything.  So, I can’t say I was in line at midnight to get the new Halo installment. However, a few GSA students were at the Ellsworth Walmart at that ungodly hour.  These students (who must be admired for their devotion) were Devon Coleman, Paul Ferreira, Brandon Pizzuto, Nate Cole, and Stephen Salois.  Alex Szwez would have been there too, had his mom not invoked the ancient law of the sacrosanct school night.  Szwez considered tying a few sheets together and making a break for it out his bedroom window, but decided against it.

The five who did brave the fluorescence of Walmart at midnight found themselves feeling like outsiders among the other people in line.  As Devon put it, “These people only come out at night.”  Dressed all in black, their hair slicked back with gel, this class of uber-gamer sounds like the geek version of a motorcycle gang.  Nate, Stephen, Brandon, Paul, and Devon saw their own geekiness as vastly inferior, and yet were extremely thankful for it.

And now they have Halo 4. They get Master Chief John-117 and the Covenant and the Prometheans and etc., etc.  They were very tired in school the next day, but I assume it was worth it.  Staying up until midnight for a highly anticipated product is almost as much a right of passage for many young Americans as going to the voting booth.  It’s fitting that on November 6th, some people did both.  Where were you on Election Day 2012?  If the answer is “Buying Halo 4,” then, apparently, you were not alone.
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