October 3, 2012 at 6:50 pm



Jerome was greeted with wild applause at assembly, when he announced that he would no longer be taking attendance during Study Hall.

By now we have all seen the new face sitting in the library with a laptop during most of our study halls.  He’s oldish, is dressed like a teacher, and goes by the name of Jerome.  It occurred to me that it’d be nice to know a little bit more about this fresh study hall monitor so I asked him a few questions that might help us get to know him a little better.

Jerome Lawther, also known as “Jerry,” discovered GSA by working at the Bay School for two years prior to taking the World History/Study Hall job here.  Before that he enjoyed a full and adventurous life, starting when he was born in Germany.  He began by working at the National Wildlife Federation, where he found a passion for teaching, which lead him to the halls of GSA to watch over us as we read our text books and lab notes.

Upon speaking with him I learned that he is very impressed with our student body and the striking lack of conflict (way to go us!!).  I also learned that the biggest highlight of study hall for Jerome is “getting to know the peeps.”  He’s always open to a great conversation.  That just about puts our new friend “Jerry” in a nut shell, but as a last parting shot I asked him if he had a message to the student body.  He was able to come up with a few things: “When in doubt take a deep breath. I can probably help with homework if you need it, if you explain it to me first,” and, “if you’re really that bored, I have a newspaper.” All around, Jerome is a great new addition to the GSA community.   Go talk to him and find out for yourselves!

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