January 5, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Lizard Lives


It was second period on Monday, January 2nd when a student in the back of Ms. Jellison’s room 9 asked, “What’s that crawling on the floor?”

It was the missing lizard.  Ms. Jellison went through the difficult process of catching the speedy lizard and put it into the tank.

Of course Ms. Jellison (a forensics teacher) wanted to know how it happened, so she investigated. She found a tail drag mark on the third louver up on the outside of the back door.  She verified it with her alternate light source.  Apparently, somebody had allowed the lizard to enter through the door so that Ms. Jellison would find her.  The lizard was in good shape and was well fed.  Ms. Jellison is sure that the lizard didn’t escape because it wouldn’t have been able to survive: it can only survive a week without food, and it had been gone for three weeks.

Apparently, someone had stolen the lizard beforehand and returned it.  Ms. Jellison is very happy and grateful, and thanks whoever stole it for finally doing the right thing.

Now to find the gargoyle and Mr. Gilden’s stapler…  let’s make it happen!

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