November 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Math Team takes 3rd Place

This meet, the team placed third in the county, trailing behind both Mount Desert Island and Deer Isle/Stonington. It has been suggested that the loss of the high-performers Ned Wang and Andy Wu may have had something to do with it.
GSA’s official (highest) score was earned by team Abraham Lincoln (following a tradition apparently set forth by Max Reiter). Team Lincoln was represented by Charcy Ye, Wendy Xu, Candy Dai, Terry Tian, William Navarre, and Courtney Koos. The highest individual scorer in the group was (reportedly) a perfect score of 24 and the lowest was reported to be 8 (though these numbers are not necessarily official).
Team Lincoln scored perfect in both of the team rounds, which collectively earned the school 60/60 points. One question, reproduced below in condensed form, created a lot of anxiety among the competitors. Ye, Xu, Dai, and Koos vocally advocated for sharing the economic fruits of the problem proportionately to economic risks, while I interpreted that the two should be paid equally for their equal work in the endeavor. The team went with the latter decision (after intense debate) which turned out to be correct. Apparently, Lincoln was the only team to answer correctly. Regardless, all members hold that the question was flawed:
QUESTION: “Alex and Bobby each spent $1000 on an old truck to fix up, and spent $850 and $1650 on parts, respectively. They worked on the truck for an equal number of hours before selling it for $6850. How should the money be fairly divided?”
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