June 4, 2011 at 6:49 pm

Mrs. Greene


Portrait by Drew Cleveland

At GSA, Mrs. Greene’s name is almost synonymous with the word art.  Her frizzy haired, paint-spotted smock, pencil-behind-the-ear appearance, and her bubbly personality are familiar to anyone who has ever stepped within a half-mile radius of the art room.  She runs deep in the DNA of the school, having worked here for several decades, and she has always been devoted to the students and the syllabus.  Art class with Mrs. Greene is a unique experience.  Born in Massachusetts, she has loved art all her life, though originally planned on being an English teacher.  At the University of New Hampshire she studied both Art and English.  She has worked in the English department at GSA at various times, but eventually found a comfortable home in the art room.  Her room, with its lavish assortment of plant life and its constant soundtrack of exotic music, is a kind of safe haven for the artistically-inclined.  Mrs. Greene helps organize the yearly tradition of sending several students to Haystack, the Studio Based Learning facility on the Island.  She also single-handedly commandeers Artsfest, which even the mathiest and sportiest members of the student body can enjoy.  Mrs. Greene is famous around the school and the community for her enthusiasm, inspiration, and decidedly wacky disposition.  Everyone at GSA can attest to Mrs. Greene’s great spirit for everything Art.


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