March 31, 2013 at 8:14 pm

New Cafeteria Food Continues To Impress


Frank BiancoFrank Bianco, of Bianco Sausages and Catering, was appointed the new Director of Food Services for  GSA, and it was a great decision. Every day there’s something delicious and homemade  for lunch. For just five dollars you can get an entree, salad, and a dessert. The food served ranges from seafood chowder to chili to barbecue chicken. Pair that with a fresh salad and a warm chocolate chip cookie or a piece of cheesecake and you have a truly deluxe meal.

I asked Mr. Bianco about the new payment system the cafeteria will soon have. They have started using a Point of Sale system, which keeps track of each individual purchase. The two old cash registers that are being used have been replaced with touch screen computers. Students will be getting cards that can have money preloaded onto them. Mr. Bianco pointed out that this would be better for parents because instead of giving their child cash, which they might use to buy a healthy lunch but could be buying mozzarella sticks, soda, and candy, they can trust that they will be eating healthily during the day. This is also a much more efficient system than walking up to the office to get voucher slips. There will even be special discounts, for example: every twenty or so meals bought you get one for free.

As well as the food being healthy and delectable, lots of it is local.  “We try to support local farms as much as we can,” says Bianco. While in the winter it’s harder to get locally grown food, nearly 50% of it is local during the spring.

I also talked to some international students who live in dorms about how they like the food since they are eating a lot of it. They all agreed that the food was amazing. They also mentioned how comforting it was that Chinese food was frequently served. Recently Chinese cook, Chef Lu, was hired. She started in late October making dinner for the international students, but then in November started making lunches too. Every Wednesday there are dumplings, spring rolls, fried rice, bok choy, or sesame chicken for lunch.

I asked around and some of the popular favorites were the pastrami sandwich, dumplings, and of course Bianco sausage. Thank you Mr. Bianco and the entire kitchen staff, the meals are greatly appreciated.

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