December 7, 2011 at 6:22 pm

News Flash: The Na-Nas in Hey Jude never actually have to end. Ever.


Until Truman Forbes unplugs the sound system.

Lucy Jakub, who won 1st place in the Talent Show with her ukulele and Lorna Stephens


For those of you who missed last Friday’s Talent Show, or who were standing way in the back because there weren’t enough chairs and you couldn’t really tell what was going on, here is a brief description of the finale: the self-proclaimed Jam Band played  Hey Jude really loud for a really long time.  Their goal, as it seemed to me, was to play until the judges went home and proclaimed them the winners.  The impromptu performance included Zak Vogel running through the audience banging a cowbell (which he eventually gave to Mr. Case), Gavin Rogers wearing a very cool sparkly bow tie, and, yes, Peter Howell playing an electric guitar with his mouth.  Nate Cole kept the jam from becoming total chaos with his steady bari sax line.  The group played musical chairs, the drum kit being alternately occupied by Zach

(Strehan), Zak, and Gavin.

Their efforts for victory were futile, however, because even their electric guitar, two pianos, two drum sets, a baritone saxophone, and Steven Bell’s wild lighting could not win next to the might of one ukulele.  Lucy Jakub and Lorna Stephens, both Juniors and fellow Procrastinators, came in first place for the second year in a row.  They sang two duets, with Lucy playing ukulele: Dress and Tie by Charlene Kaye, and The Thing About Stars, written by Lucy herself.  The latter included some masterful egg-shaking by none other than yours truly.  One minute I was an innocent bystander watching my friends rehearse, and the next I was onstage with a maraca egg.  The egg is a trickier instrument than I had expected, and I just hope I was playing in the right key.

The panel of judges rewarded two other acts with cash prizes and a free dinner at 66.  In second place was Nicole Bakeman, who showed her prowess both as a guitar player and at singing very very fast lyrics.  In third were Johnny and Charcy, who blew everyone away with the a stunning presentation of the cha-cha.  Quinn Mitchell, though not in the top three, delivered a solid piano-vocal solo, dedicated oddly without wearing shoes.
The Student Council, who organized the event, started the show with a frenetic and strangely entertaining performance involving words on people’s thighs, and “-ER” on Ben Eley’s back.
One of the most talented people onstage turned out to be the MC, the one-of-a-kind Truman Forbes.  That sock story gets funnier every time.
So yeah, cool talent show, Student Council.  I had a great time, not just because I got to shake an egg in the winning performance, but because it’s fun to see the people I go to school with in a context other than a classroom.  All the acts were unusual, unexpected, and, mostly, unrehearsed.  I definitely hope the GSA Talent Show is an event that the Student Council will continue.
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