May 17, 2012 at 7:52 pm

NHS Spends Beautiful Sunday Morning Picking Up Trash


Article by William Navarre and Lucy Jakub

It’s amazing what one finds when one stops to look for trash. This was the task of GSA’s National Honors Society on Sunday the 29th. The club collected garbage from all over Blue Hill village, causing the GSA dumpster to overflow!

Among the items found were an unopened beercan, a total of $30 (cash), half of a car, several snuff boxes, broken skateboards, empty Arizona Iced Tea cans, halloween masks, snickers wrappers, a few party balloons, four square balls, condom wrappers, several license plates, and a few hard core pornographic magazines. Even more notably, Courtney Koos found medical needles, apparently for a diabetic to dispense insulin. While some members managed to avoid the character-building activities by going to Church, the rest managed quite well without them.

One NHS member with a skinned knee suggested that the kids in detention should be doing dirty work instead of texting in a classroom. Nevertheless, the act of picking up trash and cleaning up one’s town is very satisfying (until one gets dripped on by mysterious fermenting liquids).

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