November 20, 2012 at 9:39 pm

Oliver! – For Those Who Wanted More


Over the summer, the New Surry Theatre produced the musical Oliver! at The Blue Hill Town Hall.  It was an unprecedented success, and all ten shows were sold out.  Oliver! is based on Charles Dickens’s book, Oliver Twist, about an orphan (played by nine-year-old Adam Mathewson) who asked for more.  Six GSA students appeared in the show: Anna Ludlow (Bet), Willem Hilliard (Chorus; Hussar with a mustache), Drew Cleveland (Noah Claypole; Knife Grinder’s Apprentice; sometimes the Hussar with a mustache), Callie Lirakis (Chorus; Milkmaid; Hussar with a mustache’s girlfriend), Chelsey Staples (Chorus; Strawberry Seller; Rich Person), and Nolan Ellsworth (The Artful Dodger).  They are all a part of GSA’s fall musical, Into the Woods, as well.

We live in an area with a lot of opportunity to participate in the arts.  I would encourage anyone interested in acting to get involved with the New Surry Theatre.  Acting and singing classes are taught at the Town Hall throughout the year, and open auditions are always happening for the upcoming plays (summer shows are especially appealing because there is no school stuff to juggle).  It’s an incredible learning experience to work with such a talented, diverse, hard-working group of people.  Also, it can be very refreshing to be part of something not related to school; it’s a way to find your niche in the community.  We have a thriving year-round theater company just across the street, and GSA students should take advantage of the New Surry Theatre as an invaluable artistic resource.  I would highly suggest taking Bill Raiten’s Improv class to any closet thespians who feel like they could use a little more theater in their lives.

*As ever, the Managing Editor of the Procrastinator, i.e., myself, has limited awareness of the things that go on outside his sphere of influence, and so has written another article about musical theater.  Deal with it.

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