May 11, 2013 at 4:03 pm

Pompeii Baby


Mount Vesuvius in Eruption


A love song by Mr. Gilden, Head of the Math Department

Pompeii baby! Pompeii baby!
You’re in my heart and you’re in my brain. Oh,
Why’d you rent an apartment next to a volcano?
Had you lived till the ides, I’d have made you my wife.
Now I’ll marry another, but you’ll still be the lava my life.

Well, your dancing was great and your cooking the grooviest.
Now you’ve been cooked yourself on the slopes of Vesuvius.
You’re the love of my live, but my love has been spoiled
By that hot, smoky mountain on which you were broiled

(Repeat verse 1)

You escaped from your domus, but then rushed back in.
To rescue my beloved fraternity pin.
Now you’re entombed deep within that hard rock ignigneous
Clutching forever my Tau Delta insignius.

(Repeat verse 1)

(with apologies to “Teen Angel”)

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