June 6, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Senior Prank Only Fun for Seniors


Picture this: the hallways are dim, and the thermostats have been kicked up to a sweltering 75ºF.  The cafeteria is empty, and the lunch tables are all jammed into the boy’s locker room showers.  The cafeteria chairs are in the vault.  Trash cans are in the gym.  A swimming pool of red jell-o sits serene in front of the trophy case, the glass of which is scrawled with washable graffiti.  Plastic cups of water line the staircases in the old building.  In Kaz’s room, the desks are zip-tied into a massive knot.  Tissues have been scattered around the room (those soft ones that he doesn’t let the students use).  His chair and minifridge are downstairs, in the girl’s bathroom.

The class of 2012 senior prank did not, alas, survive the janitors.  The poor janitors, who are obligated to deal with the seniors’ tomfoolery, felt the sting of the prank most even though it was meant for the school at large.  They arrived at the school at four in the morning to clean up: hauling tables, disposing of jello, peeling sticky notes off walls, and washing windows.  By 7:00 AM the school was back to normal.  Even the good-will cake left for the teachers was thrown away, under the suspicion that it contained laxatives (it was safe, but you just can’t trust seniors).

Teachers were disgruntled to find their things rearranged in their rooms, even in their desks.  The seniors had acquired a set of keys and snuck into classrooms.  All of Mr. Kaz’s papers were rearranged, and, to his dismay, his lotions had been chilled in his minifridge.  Some teachers say that entering classrooms was “crossing the line”.

The senior prank was an elaborate plan, contrived in a Denny’s and executed by the majority of the senior class, some 50 students of which slept over at GSA (in the hallways?  None of GSA seems very comfortable).  Details were hashed out on Facebook.  Despite the fact that their prank only impressed the janitors and was an all-around obnoxious hassle, seniors involved say that it was a valuable bonding experience.  At least they had fun.

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