December 18, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Sickie Skypes to School


Peter Howell’s been under the weather like so many others at GSA, but he’s been making an effort to be in school. On Wednesday he skyped (video chatted) from his sickbed to the GSA library via one of the desktop computers, drawing a small crowd. He also made a virtual appearance for the beginning of band class, though he was too sick to try playing along on the trombone. He dragged himself in on Thursday in order to prove he was well enough to attend the midnight premiere of The Hobbit, but failed to convince his parents.
It’s not uncommon for students to skype college friends or overseas family during study periods.  But what if teachers could skype their classes when they were out sick? Perhaps Ms. Lehto, who has been out sick two days this week, could have still discussed Siddhartha with her Senior English class.

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