December 20, 2011 at 10:38 pm

So What’s With the Rope?


Some suggestions for the next pep rally: first, noisemakers should be provided.  And juice.  Second: the audience should be allowed to dance.  Third: what’s with the rope?

From across the gym, the logo on the t-shirts of the girl’s basketball team appears to be an eagle with a candy cane in its talons.  Upon closer inspection, the candy cane turns out to be a… rope.  The words across the back, “Hold Onto The Rope”, are equally unenlightening.  The meaning of the rope would probably not be as intriguing if it weren’t a big secret.  Procrastinators have been unable to extract any information regarding it from the students who modeled the T-shirts at the rally.  Mary Prescott declined to comment, saying that if she told, her coach would find out about it.  Not wanting to put any athletes in danger, we’ve been forced to speculate.

The phrase “hold on to the rope” generally brings precarious scenarios to mind, all involving sheer rock faces, crevasses, and helicopters.  This is obviously not the sort of thing it’s referring to, however, because, as eagles can fly, they would probably never be hanging by a rope.  Perhaps it is the girls basketball team that is hanging from the rope, and the eagle is holding the other end?  Maybe the eagle is engaging in some sort of tug-of-war activity.  Another reasonable assumption is that the bird is building a nest.  The rope could be a metaphor for the ties that bind a basketball team together like a family.  Maybe the eagle intends to eat it.  Whatever it is, cult symbol or inside joke, the mystery has this reporter at the end of her rope.

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