April 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm

State Drama Fest


A Midsummer Night’s Dream – State Drama Fest 2012

Chins up, excitement bubbling, the cast and crew of the GSA One Act, In the Middle of a Midsummer Nights Dream, arrived in Yarmouth, Maine at four o’clock last Friday. After a feast of Chinese food, we took our first look at their theater.  Four foot high balconies on either side of the theater wrapped the walls up to the enormous stage. The proscenium  seemed to go up and up forever, so far up that the angles of the celling melted into one another. The stage itself was four wing-curtains deep with endless amounts of backstage room. The overwhelming size of it shocked us all.

States is a much different breed than Regionals.  At Regionals in MDI, there were games, jam sessions, and a dance, whereas at States in Yarmouth the competing casts and crews looked at each other with a cold glint in their eyes.  Some bonding happens, but not much, and even though watching the best artists from each region perform was a treat, as an actor one begins to become overloaded with visual content.  It became difficult not to doubt that when the time came for GSA to perform, we wouldn’t live up to the high bar that had been set.

GSA ranked second to last in the final score, but only by one, two, three, and four points difference in the four schools ranked above us.  At the end of the day, the judges were critiquing stylistic choices we had purposely put in.  It didn’t help that Yarmouth also did excerpts from A Midsummer Nights Dream, and ultimately they, with all their money and glory, got the second place spot.  The judges simply liked their version better.  When a cast responds to the judges criticism with a “Yes, and we like it that way!” it becomes just a matter of opinion, and further proves that it’s impossible to judge art.

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