April 13, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Study Hall Monitor to Take Over Assistant Head of School Position

There’s a new sheriff in town.  And it’s Mr. Moore.
Yes, soon Buzz Moore will have a lot more to do at GSA than take attendance in the cafeteria all day.  Next year he will be leaving his Study Hall trolley behind to take his place in the office as Assistant Head of School.  Many students are excited that his unique blend of encouragement and sarcasm will still be around the school.  As Commander in Chief of Study Hall, he helps you with homework, checks on your grades, beats you easily at a casual game of Trivial Pursuit, and glares at you for doing something like checking Facebook or playing Minecraft during Study Hall.  Some students, however, feel that increasing Mr. Moore’s power is a slightly frightening prospect.  The thought of Mr. Moore being responsible for all student discipline is enough to stop anyone from goofing around in class.
But also in this story is a sad farewell.  The spot opened for Mr. Moore because the current Assistant Head, Jane O’Connor, has announced that she will be leaving at the end of this school year.  She is moving to Boston to be closer to her family.  Mr. Perkinson appointed Moore as the interim Assistant Head during next year’s search for a replacement.  Ms. O’Connor has been at GSA for two years, and almost every day she’s stood outside to say good morning to students getting off the busses.  In an email to parents, Perkinson said of Ms. O’Connor, “each of us in so many ways has been the beneficiary of her quiet strength, her sensitive insight, and her welcoming, knowing smile… I urge you to take the time to thank Jane for her service.”  That message applies to students as well.  Stop by her office* and say thank you.  The Procrastinator would like to thank her as well, for being a friendly, practical Assistant Head, and for being one of the first fans of our newspaper.
And as for Mr. Moore’s new authority, prepare yourself.  If he’s as good at his new job as he is at Trivial Pursuit, we all better watch out.
*Now, we realize there are those of you out there who think everyone in the office is named Debbie.  The office is a big place with lots of people, and it’s easy to get mixed up.   If you don’t know Libby from Liffy, and can’t find your way in the office building past the candy bowl on the front desk, don’t panic.  Just read the plaques on the doors.
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