June 4, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Superheroes Today


Parce je suis Batman

Over the centuries, there’s always been one thing that’s fascinated humanity.  Superheroes.   Since Ancient Greece, people with extraordinary powers have captivated young minds.  In America, they have flourished for generations.  For example, Batman has been around since 1939, first in comic books, then radio shows, and today he swoops across movie screens.  Love them or hate them, superhero movies have sunk their adamantium claws deep into American pop culture.  Summer wouldn’t be quite the same without two or three men in capes and tights appearing in cinemas, in eye-popping (and head-ache-inducing) 3-D.  This summer, I’m happy to report, will be no exception.  With Thor and X-Men: First Class already in theaters, and Green Lantern and Captain America coming soon, it will be near impossible not to run into a superhero in the months to come.  And it doesn’t end there. The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, another Superman movie, another Spiderman movie, and another Wolverine movie are all on the horizon.  Ideas must be running rather thin at Marvel Studios, because Stan Lee (mastermind behind practically every superhero ever) only made so many comics.  The era could be ending.  Parodies of superhero movies are becoming sometimes better than the real ones (see The Incredibles, or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World).  But I for one have not lost faith.  Iron Man remains one of my all-time favorite movies, and Christopher Nolan’s dark Batman series is truly amazing.  The Dark Knight is on a level above other superhero movies; it seems to belong to a category all its own.  Another point of interest is that period superhero movies are on the rise.  Captain America is set during World War II, while X-Men: First Class takes place during the Cuban missile crisis.  I’m intrigued by this, because it adds a new dimension to the overly familiar superhero milieu.  Speaking of dimensions, 3-D’s complete invasion of the film business has by no means spared the caped crusaders.  So if you go to the 2-D Ellsworth theater and Thor seems to be shoving his hammer unnecessarily towards your face, that’s why.  Anyway, this summer when I’m not doing summer reading homework or watching trailers for Harry Potter 7 Part 2, I’ll probably be at the movies watching a man in a colorful costume fight bad guys.  Yeah, it’s stupid, it’s redundant, and it’s flagrantly overpriced, but when you get down to it I’m a teenage boy caught in up in the golden age of superhero movies, and I don’t want to miss the ride.

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