November 8, 2012 at 12:48 am

The Best X-Country Team


A quarter has gone, leaving behind the laughter and happiness of sports activities. As a cross country team, we sowed our sweat and time, gaining us lots of happiness and glory.

There is no doubt X-country is a sport needing long-term, uninterrupted practice. At the beginning of this quarter, it was very hot, and our practices began under bright, sunlit skies This year, many international students took part in the X-country team. Most of the international students hadn’t run long distances before, but no one ever complained about that. The local and international students and our coaches ran across forests, jumped through rocks, and spanned puddles of water together. Coach David said: “I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the GSA X-C coaching team, and predict a very bright future for this team; both in life and in X-C, with both the positive and ‘keep it for’ attitudes that they possess.”

In the two months, we had meets nearly every week. X-country meet is a matter of cooperation; team members worked with partners and encouraged each other. To our pride, we have won many awards. Last week, Sam won the second award in a big meet, and the Captain Madison as well as other members also performed very well, therefore, our team has got the opportunity to go to the state meet. Coach Erich said: “I am excited that both boys and girls team qualified for the state meet and I am hoping for good weather.”

Though our daily X-country practice has ended, with love and happiness, we will always be a team.

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