April 13, 2012 at 1:07 am

The Drewth About Crispus Attucks


The date is March 5th, 1770.  A formidable line of British regulars stand harassed by a group of Massachusetts civilians.  Before long, the sharp sounds of musket reports resonate throughout the Boston streets, and a thick gray smoke fills the air.  When it clears, three men lay dead, killed instantly.  One of them was Crispus Attucks.

This was the start of a legacy – a legend.  The sacrifice of Crispus Attucks held more significance than anyone realized.  More than just a cereal?  Much, much more.  In fact, the martyrdom of a hero such as Mr. Attucks has influenced our lives in more ways than we can imagine.  Beyond the humble roots of being a deliciously nutritious cereal, He has become an ethereal being – an otherworldly force, a supernatural entity.  He flows through and guides our lives.
Crispus does this in many ways.  Throughout history, He has taken the form of many an influential figure.  Perhaps you are familiar with our friend Tecumseh, another of Attucks’ many reincarnations.  But do not assume His power is strictly restrained to American history – oh no.  The roots of Attucks go deeper and deeper through the history of the world, taking many shapes and forms along the way.
If this is so, the morph to Attucks in 1770 was, naturally, one of many – billions, in fact!  This being that was our friend Crispus does not have a name – not that we, the followers of Crispus Attucks (the Crispites), are aware of.  Instead, it is easier to refer to Him as the mortal man our culture knows best – in this case, Crispus Attucks.  So, who does he walk the earth as today?  It is hard to know at times, but one thing is certain: he is more than a cereal.  More than a man.  He is Crispus Attucks, and that’s the Drewth.
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