May 17, 2012 at 11:14 pm

The GSA You Never See: Top 5 Scariest Parts of Your School


1: The Attic

The scariest, most awesome part of the school is unquestionably the attic of the Old Building.  It’s dark, splintery, and dusty.  One steep wooden staircase leads up into the rafters to the school bell.  If the ghost of George Stevens lives anywhere, it’s here.




2: The Beach House

The building across from the student parking lot is full of theater sets and old prom decor.  It’s also toxically moldy;  we thought about investigating the basement, but we would have needed gas masks.





3: The Basement

Also called the “E Room” because of a blue graffiti E scrawled on one of its exits, the basement is dark and full of desks and dusty bicycles and even the bottom of a boat.





4: The Kil’n Room

Behind the ominous red door in the Echoey Hall is a small dusty room with a kiln for firing clay.  It’s amazing how scary an apostrophe can be.






5: The Vault

Full of costumes from plays past, the Vault is a cavernous chamber off the Echoey Hall.  Scary nineties clothes, eeee!


Contributing exploring: Abe Ziner and Nolan Ellsworth

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