June 4, 2011 at 8:14 pm

Turanski Busted for Parkour on School Roof


There’s a difference between the call you get when your mom has dropped off your lunch and the call you get when you have a date with the management.  Alex Turanski got the latter on Monday during biology, and everybody knew it.

“Alex Turanski to the office, Alex Turanski, to the office,” crackled the intercom.  There were several titters as he left the room trembling.

When he reentered the room, everybody stared inquisitively.  “Well?  What did you do this time?”

He sat in his seat, lacking his usual bravado and looking around sheepishly at his staring classmates.

“Me and Sam got busted for being on the roof,” he said.

For Alex, leaping around on roofs is no big deal. He’s an old pro at parkour.  He’s been caught before, too.  Last year he posted pictures of himself sitting on the roof of BHCS on facebook.  Fred Cole, browsing his news feed during class, found the photos and gave Alex a lecture.  The library is also a fun place to climb, according to Alex.  If you want to see Alex in action, check out the video he made, Skating & Parkour, on his youtube channel.

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