June 6, 2012 at 11:59 pm

Ukulele for the Win


After this most recent student council-sponsored Talent Show, it’s clear that the key to winning is having a ukulele.  Though it indisputably demonstrates more talent to be able to play a piano or guitar, judges will be won over by the adorable size and sound of a uke.  This year the group “Ram-Z and the Blowfish and Ethan” took first, beating out two soulful singers: Nicole, who took second with “Ordinary People,” a performance that was cut awkwardly short when the pedal slipped out from under the piano; and Edward Lameyer, third, whose breathy rendition of “Accidental Babies” had the audience captivated (and some judges cringing at the lyrics).  “Ram-Z and the Blowfish and Ethan”, consisting of Ramsay Williamson, Ethan Kell, Amy Bolton, Zak Vogel and Chelsey Staples.  They performed “5 Year’s Time” and “Rolling in the Deep,” Zak thrumming a ukulele and ensuring their victory. Chelsey sat on the floor and pretended to be a blowfish.

Judges Jane O’Connor and Mark Messer

All-male groups The All Male A Capella Group and The Jamband made a racket about unfair judging.  The Jamband did not place.  “It’s too bad they had just performed during lunch,” commented one judge.  The AMACG, however, was surprisingly well-organized for a group made entirely of junior boys.  The boys practiced during lunch for weeks* to prepare their act, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, complete with awhim-a-ways.  They even had harmonies, despite the fact that the only musical-minded person in the group was Gavin Rogers.  Some boys were pulled out of the audience to sing along  despite never attending any practices.


*Our Business Manager thought that “practicing The Lion Sleeps Tonight with the boys” was a legitimate excuse for skipping Procrastinator meetings.

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