December 20, 2011 at 12:19 pm

Water, Water Everywhere


If you haven’t noticed already, we have water coolers around school now.  Add a little comfort to your study hall or lunch with a hot mug of tea, or cool down after gym class with some cold clear H2O.  While you are enjoying your water-related beverage, take time to think about who has put those coolers in place. That’s right, the Student Council!  To those who were under the impression that our Student Council does nothing, these water coolers are an awakening to the fact they do, in fact, make contributions to our school.  So bring in your mugs and make good use of the Council’s hard work.  If you want to see even more new additions to our school, leave a comment in the suggestion box in the library!  Upon becoming acquainted with these new additions, I have found some issues to be addressed.  Council members, listen up.  Firstly, there are not enough outlets in the cafeteria for both the microwaves and their new friend.  Investing in a power strip might be a solution.  Second, is there honey for tea to be found?  How about a sink to wash our mugs in?  Then there is the issue of how many teachers will let us into class with something hot to drink.  Other than these obvious problems, the water coolers seem like a wonderful idea and I’m sure everyone will come to appreciate them greatly.

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