May 9, 2013 at 2:19 pm

When In Rome, Don’t Build It In A Day


Abe Ziner abroad. Photo by Maggie Keating.

And now, an alphabet rendition of the fantastic GSA Italy Trip:

A is for “Allora,” which means “so” or “then” in Italian.  We heard this a lot.

B is for Bridge.  Specifically, the bridge that Stephen Salois jumped off into the Arno River in Florence.

C is for Cappuccino. And cranes. Construction cranes. They were everywhere, man.  It was a thing.  I may have missed some finer points of the tour being distracted by all the cranes.

D is for Duomo, a spectacular cathedral in Florence with a kind of ridiculous name.

E is for Euro. 1 euro equals 1.31 U.S. dollars. 

F is for St. Francis of Assissi, a monk from 1209-ish A.D. who talked to animals.

G is for Gelato. Every day, twice a day, all the time.

H is for Hot.  This describes the weather, the people, etc.

I is for Italia. (That’s Italian for Italy.)

J is for JFK Airport, at which we all sacrificed a little too much of our lives.

K is for Kinder eggs, chocolate eggs that are banned in the US for having esophagus-clogging toys inside, like plastic turtles named Amadeus.

L is for Laser pointers, which were the lame trinkets of choice for creepy Roman street vendors.  This is why most of the famous stuff we saw on the trip had bouncing green dots all over it.

M is for Michelangelo.  We saw the David, the Pietà, and the Sistine Chapel.  Eh, you know, they weren’t bad.

N is for Nutella. (It originated in Italy, and now it’s spreading.) ((Because it’s a spread.))

O is Old.  The sidewalks there are older than our whole country.

P is for Pope.  We stopped by his house, but we didn’t run into him.
Q is for… yeah, no.
R is for the Richards.  Ms. Richards, Mr. Stearns, and all the other chaperones should be commended for not losing or willfully abandoning any GSA students on the trip, though I’m sure the temptation was there.

S is for the Special Drink in Capri, made from fresh blood oranges and lemons.

T is for Tourist-swag, a latest fashion trend characterized by mandles, a backpack, jacket artfully tied around waist, a sunhat, and a camera raised at a jaunty angle.

U is for the Underground bus station in Rome.  I couldn’t decide whether we would all asphyxiate from the noxious bus fumes or be trampled to death by the angry Vatican-goers.
V is for Vesuvius.  Other mountains refer to it as Hill-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

W is for Water, from the Grand Canal to the Trevi Fountain to the Mediterranean Sea.

X is for Xue.  Johnny Xue was a very savvy traveler indeed, and without him I’d probably still be lost somewhere in Venice.
Y is for Yawning, which we all did a lot of when we got back to the States.
Z is for Ziner, of the Abe variety, who, along with Lorna, Shannon, Sam, Kenzie, Johnny, Will, and everyone on the trip, turned out to be relatively tolerable people with which to travel.

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